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A Christmas tree was born in woods.

It grew in deep wood lands.

And it was slender, ever green.

The forest was its friend

The blizzard song a lullaby,

"Sleep Christmas tree, Goodnight!"

The forest wrapped it in a snow dress,

"Watch out! I can bite!"


A coward bunny so grey

Hopped under the fir tree.

A hungry wolf, an angry wolf

Saught it, but couldn't see.


THe sleigh is running through the wood.

Its runners crunch crisp snow,

A horse is rushing, it can't wait

Tomorrow is a show.


The horse is carrying the old man.

He's sitting on the wood.

He made his way to our tree,

Cut it down to the root.


Oh, how elegant it is!

It's come to our feast!

It's brought a lot of happiness

To adults and to kids!

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